Bringing together nature and architecture to create a contemporary commercial complex.
Apr 2014
Breathe easy with more open spaces
The building’s footprint is approximately 60% of the land area - in line with residential requirements.

This allows for customers, clients and the general public to enjoy the open environment which makes for a more habitable building.
Explore the vast retail and dining space
There are two floors of retail stores and high end boutiques displaying a variety of products such as electronics, clothing, white goods, furniture and much, much more.

Embedded within the shopping precinct is an extensive food court offering cuisine from all around the world. Surrounding the food court are vast areas for indoor and outdoor dining.
Business done effectively and efficiently
There are 8 levels office space which can be customised to the company’s needs and wants. Each floor has state of the art conference rooms, meeting rooms and waiting areas.

Seamless partitioning systems allow for custom office rooms and spaces allowing for employees to work in comfort - aiding in increasing productivity.
A spacious courtyard in the middle of a concrete jungle
Surrounding the building there is a spacious courtyard with plenty of seating, trees, plants and two large fish tanks to help blend nature and architecture to create a more pleasant and habitable area. Some of the materials used in this courtyard include brick, rocks, merbau wood and marble. There are plenty of waste and recycling bins around to help promote better waste management. To reduce the use of concrete, hedges are used as a fence to provide a natural boundary between adjacent properties.
Green and sustainable design
Vienna has several sustainability features including solar panels, water tanks, efficient lighting and double glazed windows.

There are six large solar panels on the roof of the building attached to a large battery to help collect and power the building during the day as well as throughout the night.

The roof also has several drainage solutions to collect water which are stored in large water tanks underground. This grey water is reused in watering plants and in toilets.

Vienna is powered entirely by LED lights - most of which are controlled by motion sensors or ambient light sensors.

All of the windows and glass panels used in the building are double glazed to help reduce the cost of heating and cooling the building
Safely and securely park your vehicle
There are two levels of underground parking allowing for a greater capacity of customers to access the building at any one time.



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