A green medical clinic providing holistic care to the wider community.
Aug 2016
Ample space for all patients coming to the clinic
The building’s footprint is approximately 25% of the site. This allows ample room for car-parking and provides a relief from the urban jungle that citizens of the metropolis are used to.

The driveways are designed to promote good flow even in high traffic situations.

There are plenty of parking spaces available to staff, patients and families. A number of them are dedicated to short term and disability parking.
Four floors to provide complete healthcare solutions
Ground: GP and Specialist Clinics

1st Floor: Pathology & Radiology

2nd Floor: Allied Health (Physiotherapy, Occupational Therapy, Dietician and more)

3rd Floor: Investigation Labs (Sleep Lab, Cardiac Investigation Unit, Spirometry, Neurology Labs and more)
Easy access for all walks of life
The entrance is prominent and wheelchair friendly, with ramps leading to the front door. Near the entrance are 15 minute short term carparks - designed for ease of dropping off and picking up patients.

Towards the rear of the building, there is a secluded courtyard, adjacent to the kitchen, providing a comfortable environment for patients, families and staff to enjoy their meals.
Always powered even in emergencies
Power failures are a rare but disruptive occurrence. In the event of a power failure, several hydrogen/oxygen fuel cells are available on demand to provide quick and clean power without any disruption to working conditions.
Further helping the community by reducing our carbon footprint
Several sustainability features have been built into the design of Cygnus.

Solar panels installed on the roof, coupled with the high capacity storage battery underground provide clean energy to the building day and night.

Double glazed windows and LED lighting solutions help to reduce the total energy consumed in the day to day activities of the building.

Rainwater is collected from the roof and stored underground for use in grey water in toilets and for watering plants.

Sustainable and recycled materials have been utilised to bring down the carbon footprint in the construction phase of the building. Such materials include wood and recycled aluminium.
A modern facade built through multiple materials
The building’s modern facade showcases a variety of synergistic colours and materials to create an iconic structure with visual interest. Treated wood, brick, render, and stone are some the materials used in the construction of the clinic.





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